Be kind. Teach others to be kind.

​​​• Spiritual Spa Day
Sun. June 2nd
  An interactive buffet of natural and holistic ways to experience peace, healing and joy on a daily basis. Learn different

calming, relaxation practices based in a wide variety

of cultures, including aromatherapy, healing with herbs

and herbal teas, Reiki, Journey meditation, chair yoga,
​heart-centered living, Animal Teachers in Native
American culture, Chinese
and Sanskrit vibrational
healing, working with crystals, aromatherapy, and
empowering your intuition
Teachers include Melanie Mills (Randolph Massage and Wellness Center);  Cindi Gonzalez (Teacher of Native American Studies), Pampamesayo Jeffrey Zayda of Massage and Yoga Healing Arts in Fairlawn; Rev. Annette Bragg(Reiki Master/Teacher, Founder of White Barn Healing Arts Center), Mary Jane Brigger (Career Path Success; Women's Empowerment Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher), Lisa Marie Whitefeather (Shamanic Practitioner with White Feather Wisdom), Laura Purnell (Ph. D., ACHT, Founder of Educational Alchemist, Reiki Master, Metaphysician), Cindi Roberts (Reiki Master/Teacher), Allison Burton (Plant-Based Diet and Healthy Living Enthusiast, Reiki Master), and Ronelle Halfacre (RYT200, Certified Chair Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner)

• Cranial Sacral Therapy, taught by
Randall Gibson, M. Ed., LMT
Sat., June 29th
full-day workshop will be taught by Randall
Gibson, M. Ed; LMT of Gibson Massotherapy

• Vegan Thanksgiving 2019 Fundraiser
Hosted at Todaro's Party Center
Sat., Nov. 9th 

      Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with us and

support the work of White Barn Healing Arts Center

as we honor and respect the crucial and connective

link between people, animals and planet. Enjoy an

incredible vegan (no animal products) buffet including

appetizers, entrees and dessert, created by the

Master Chef's at Todaro's Party Center in Akron. 

​​exploring ways to live our lives with The theme of "Do no harm"

We are now living in an era where outdated thinking and traditionally accepted ways

of treating the animals who

share our planet no longer serve

us. I believe that when people

are given the opportunity to

"Do No Harm" and are provided

with the truth of the abuses

happening to animals in the

mass warehousing of factory farming,

product testing. research, entertainment, etc., people will choose not to support these industries. After working in farm animal rescue for the past 17 years, it's time to  share "the rest of the story" with people who truly do want to live their lives with compassion for animals, our planet, and ourselves. Please choose to live your life with kindness and compassion for all living beings.

Do no harm...

White Barn Healing Arts provides and teaches natural and holistic ways to bring a sense of peace and healing into your body, mind and spirit and how to extend that peace and healing to those around you!

​​​​"With all things and in all
things, we are relatives…”
- Sioux

Extending Our Circle of Compassion

Join us April 27th for Raising the Tipi...

​​​​• Celebrating the Influential Women in Our Lives
An Event for Women Only in Honor of Mother's Day

Sat., May 11th 4pm to 6pm
A Mother's Day Celebration Event for Women Only
lead by Cindi Gonzalez, Teacher of Native American

Studies,to honor the influential women in our lives.
Honoring and celebrating include sacred ceremony

and the Star Blanket, traditional Women's pow

wow dance, and more beautiful, meaningful

experiences. Attend solo or bring someone

special  — moms, aunts, sisters, partners,
significant others, adoptive moms, foster moms,

friends, cousins, teachers, or other influential women who have been a part of your journey!

$30 per person. 
Pre-registration required.For more info click here.

Reiki Master/Teacher, Licensed Minister

​​​​• Raising the Tipi with Tipi Teachings,
Learning Native American Songs and
Smudge Ceremony 

Sat., April 27th Starts 11am

Join us for raising the tipi at White Barn Healing Arts
Center for the 2019. At 11am, we will begin carrying
the poles from the barn to the tipi site.
This year while raising the tipi, Cindi Gonzalez, teacher
of Native American Studies, will be sharing with us
teachings about the tipi and it's role, purpose, and
meaning in the Native American culture. After the tipi
is raised, we will gather inside to welcome in the new
season as we learn Native American songs. 
We will also have a brief smudge ceremony to honor
and respect the season ahead, the programs and
ervices, and the many guests who come to White
Barn Healing Arts Center.

A Love Offering is requested to help with the care
and maintenance of the tipi.

For more info or to register, click here.

White Barn

Annette Bragg, Founder

Date Change Due to Weather!

  • As a consumer, read labels to
    make sure the products you
    buy are labeled as "Not Tested
    On Animals"
  • Substitute animal products in
    your diet for soy-based or
    non-animal ingredients

  • Buy cruelty-free clothing -— eliminate wool, leather products, fur and ivory from your clothing and jewelry

  • Take the initiative to learn about animal-cruelty topics and lovingly share that information with others

  • Lead by example

  • Challenge outdated ways of thinking that no longer serve us

​​White Barn is a 501c3 non-profit

organization that supports personal
​and spiritual growth.

Our Mission

White Barn Healing Arts Center promotes wellness, peace and healing for body, mind and spirit through natural and homeopathic practices, relaxation and healing techniques, spiritual guidance and support, and educational opportunities. We encourage and inspire people to live their lives acting out of compassion and tolerance for all living beings, and bring awareness to the interconnectedness of people, animals and planet.

Our Goals:

• To provide spiritual and holistic support services as well as educational programs for people dealing with any and all of life's challenges, such as stress, anxiety, trauma, loss, anger, etc., in a positive, healthy manner.

• To provide spiritual guidance and direction, and to nurture and support individuals on their spiritual path of awareness, growth and knowledge

• To teach holistic and mindful wellness practices that people can incorporate into their daily lives to enhance and increase their level of inner peace and calmness in all situations and circumstances

• To promote and support personal wellness and a healthy planet through a cruelty-free lifestyle and compassionate choices as a consumer in a loving and non-judgmental approach

• To provide support and guidance through healing and relaxation services, workshops, programs and events which include, but not limited to, Reiki, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, aromatherapy, drumming circles and singing bowls, crystals, Vision Quests, spiritual ceremony, and grief sessions

Our Beliefs:

In addition to our mission, we believe that:

• Given the correct tools and guidance, people can create their own deep inner peace in their lives and nurture their healing of body, mind and spirit

• By encouraging and inspiring people to act with compassion, kindness and tolerance for all living beings, including people, animals and planet, we create the awareness of our interconnectedness to everything and everyone around us.

• Creating a safer, kinder, and more compassionate world begins with the choices made by each individual person.

White Barn Healing Arts  •  330-281-1387 • 
5180 Hayes Road, Ravenna, Ohio 44266

• Personal Reiki Sessions and Reiki Workshops

• Guided Meditation • Vision Quests • Yoga

• Tai Chi/Qigong • Special Events
• Private Groups 
• Corporate Groups

• Crystal Workshops • Gift Shop

• Public Speaking • Promoting Compassion
​for People, Animals and Planet

Healing Arts Center, Inc.

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