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Rescued Animal 
Monthly Sponsorship Form

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​​​​Rescued Animal Monthly Sponsorships
A great way to support the animal rescue efforts of White Barn Healing Arts and also a great gift idea for any occasion!

White Barn Healing Arts promotes kindness and compassion for all animals through our rescue of animals from abuse and neglect situations. These animals in turn bring smiles to the faces of guests, visitors, and those seeking to experience the peaceful and healing energy available to all at our facility.

Interacting by petting or simply watching animals enjoy their lives and live in peace has been proven to reduce blood pressure and to promote an overall sense of calmness, connectedness and well-being.  Guest and visitors enjoy spending time in the peaceful environment of White Barn Healing Arts, knowing the animals they see are now safe, protected, loved, and that these animals are survivors, like many of the people who visit.

Animal sponsorships help support the costs to care for the rescued animals, including veterinary and medical expenses, grain, hay, sawdust, joint supplements, transport, and other daily needs.

While there are many animals residing at White Barn Healing Arts Center, we have chosen a select group to be available for sponsorships. As we grow, these animals will be available for programs and healing work with our visitors and guests, and will include Moofasa and Moolan, the resident cows, Shelby and Levi, the Belgian draft horses, Sampson the rooster, and several hens. 


$15 Feathered Friend - Chickens

$45 Cow

$55 Draft Horse

Simply fill out a sponsorship form and a certificate of sponsorship will be personalized and sent to you to your or directly to your gift recipient.

Your gift will include:

​- A sponsorship certificate complete with a full color photo of the sponsored animal

​- A care sheet, explaining how this gift helps provide for the daily needs of the rescued animals

​- A fact sheet on the history of the animal if the complete history is available

​- Several invitations throughout the year to visit the sponsored animals on scheduled group Sponsorship Days