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Annette Bragg, Founder

You can meditate...anywhere.

Even 4 to 7 minutes of daily meditation can make a huge difference in your life if you are experiencing:

• Major depression

• Chronic anxiety or stress


​• Stress-related physical illnesses

• Continuing anger, fear or resentment issues

• The inability to forgive or let go of past difficulties

​• Self-doubt, self-esteem or self-worth challenges

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Next Beginner Class

Give it a try to see if meditation
just might work for you after all!

​Beginner Meditation Classes are 
the perfect way to learn if meditation can 
work for you!  Let us teach you ways to
use relaxation, stress-reduction and
meditation techniques at work, school,
home, vacation, or any time you simply
need to breathe and refocus.

Ask questions, learn some meditation
basics, find out what 'mudras' are and
how they can help, and experience a
​series of new and different meditation
cises each month that you can support your effort to
bring calmness
, tranquility, harmony and balance to daily life.

Pre-registration required due to limited space. Registration closes when class is full, or at the latest at noon the day of meditation. 

This class is appropriate for adults
​ages 18 and over.

"Sampler Meditation Classes for Beginners"

teach 4 to 5 different meditation methods or techniques

for stress-reduction and relaxation at each class.

A meditation support gift is included with each session.

This provides guests with an opportunity to experience and learn a variety of ways to de-stress and lessen anxiety, anger, grief, worry, sadness, frustration, and other negative emotions and mind-sets.
Not everyone is cut-out to sit quietly in traditional meditation stillness. However, you can still reap the benefits of meditation through techniques and practices that speak to you, to your personality, to your attention level.

Here are some of the easy-to-learn methods that are taught at the various "Sampler Meditation Classes":
• Guided Meditation
• Meditation in Motion and Tai Chi/Qigong)
• How to Use Mudras to Your Advantage During Stress
• EFT (Tapping)
​• Visualization
• Breathing Techniques, including Dantien breathing
• 4-minutes ways to clear your mind
• Positive Affirmations
• Changing Thought Patterns
• Chakra Inventory and Body Story Telling (Understanding how our mental/emotional burdens affect our physical healthy, and knowing where we harbor negativity gives us the information necessary to address our difficulties and challenges)
• The Small Heavenly Circuit
• Reiki Reflections
​• Meditation using aromatherapy
• Singing Bowls
• Drumming
• Chanting/Song
• Learning to Clear Negativity with Sage/Palo Santo/Florida Water
• Meditation and Working with Crystals

Benefits of Meditation

Research has proven that 4 to 7 minutes of meditation each day actually changes ​the chemistry in your brain.​
Meditation helps us bring balance, harmony and tranquility to our body, mind and spirit.
Being able to calm our minds, clear our thoughts,
and relax our physical body, we are then able to
deal much more calmly with every day stresses, anxieties, fears, concerns, and frustrations.

​​If you deal with any of the following, meditation can help you not only get through and get past negativity, it can help you thrive and keep a constant inner
​peace no matter what circumstances are happening around you.

Meditation helps us get through traumatic events in our lives with mental clarity and a healthy perspective. ​

​Meditation helps us deal with:​

- Life's transitions

- Loss, sadness, grief, depression, fears

  (Loss comes in many forms - loss of loved one, loss of job, loss of health, loss of independence, loss of income, etc.)

- Stress, tensions, anxiety, frustrations

​- Our attachment to outcomes

​- Trust in the Universe

​- Anger, rage, hate

​- Negativity, negative emotions,
negative thought patterns

​- Our relationship with our Higher Power

​- Our feeling of

​- Our sense of self,
our self-worth and

​- A jumbled mind
constantly cluttered
with distracting

​- Over-analyzing life
and life's events

​- Forgiveness, not only

forgiveness toward

others, but forgiveness

toward ourselves for

our own faults, real or


Beginner "Sampler" Meditation Class  Fee $25

Beginner Levels 1 and 2 Meditation Classes are offered Occasionally Throughout the Year, in addition to the Sampler Meditation Classes. 

Meditation for Beginners Level 1
​• A variety of techniques and practices to help clear our minds and quiet the clutter
​• Mudras (hand positions) with meaning for patience, acceptance, spiritual connection, renewed energy, calmness, clarity, ​self-esteem, and more
​• Experience guided meditations and quiet/clear meditations
​• Learn the meanings of the seven major energy centers of the body
​• Try various tools that support calm and peace for the optimum meditation experiences, such as sage, palo santo, Florida water and essential oils - see which practices speak to your spirit
​• A special gift with the class

Meditation for Beginners Level 2
A few of the new practices we experience in Part 2 include eyes open meditation, a deeper guided meditation with singing bowls and tingshas, sound meditation including how and why to use a chanting meditation, and more. Learn calming meditation practices, techniques and exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine at home, at work or at school. You can enjoy this experience the safe, comfortable atmosphere of the Meditation Room at White Barn Healing Arts.


Chances are you're always taking care of others. Remember that in order to continue to serve those around, you need to take care of you!

Registration for
​Beginner Meditation Sampler Class on
Wed., March 6th
is now closed. 

Please plan to join us for other
events coming up at White Barn Healing Arts Center.

Are You a Seeker?
This is a great opportunity for those
who have a difficult time quieting
your mind; for those who like the idea of meditation but aren't sure if they're 'doing it right'; and for folks who are what I call "seekers" - people seeking a new, healthy, holistic way to lessen or let go of depression, anger, grief, sadness, resentment, bitterness, frustrations, stress, anxiety, and other negative energy that often accompanies us like a comfortable old blanket.​​

Excuses Not to Meditate
​E.   I can't sit like that. It looks uncomfortable.
​A.   Not everyone is able to twist their legs up like a pretzel to sit in the beautiful but challenging lotus position. You can simply sit comfortably in a chair, with your back as straight as possible, laying down, kneeling, or in whatever position
you feel the most
comfortable and
relaxed.  If only
people who were
physically able to
sit in the lotus or
seiza position, this
wonderful practice
would not be as
popular as it is.

​E.  I can't get all the thoughts out of my head. My mind is always going.
​A.  There are some amazing techniques that you can try to take a step toward being able to clear the clutter, get rid of the to-do lists, and allow your mind to take a much-needed break.

​E.  I can't sit still for that long.
​A.  So don't.  Research shows that meditating only 4 to 7 minutes per day actually changes the chemistry of your brain. You don't have to sit for an hour and a half. Most people don't have that luxury in their busy daily schedules and responsibilities of life, family, work, school, pets, appointments, shopping, and so forth. I am guessing, however, you can sneak four to seven minutes into your day to take care of you - before you get out of bed in the morning, in your car before you walk into work, at night right before you go to sleep, after you're done with supper, etc. If you're mental, emotional and physical health is important to you, you will indeed find those few minutes each day to put you first.

E.  What if I do it wrong?
​A.  You can't. There is no doing meditation "wrong". If it works for you, then it works. Period. If your personal way to meditation brings you peace, restores balances, helps you be less reactive, more patience, less stressed, calmer, to think more clearly, than whatever you are doing, you are doing it 'right'.

Registration for
​"Sampler Meditation Class
​for Beginners"

"Sampler Meditation Classes" teach a variety of methods for de-stressing, lessening anxiety, calming anger, and softening grief, all which help us to be more peaceful, calm, and joyful!

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"Sampler" Meditation
Classes for Beginners