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Annette Bragg, Founder

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Working with Crystals for Beginners
with Teacher, Annette Bragg

One Guest $35

Shiva Lingam stones are harvested from the Narmada River near Central India. They have a beautiful legend that goes with them, which you will learn at the class.

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Working with Crystals
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Blue Lace Agates help us find our voice when we feel no-one is hearing what we need to say.

Two Guests $70

Crystals, known throughout the centuries as "worry stones", are commonly carried today to support health and wellness for physical healing, mental/emotional support, and to strengthen our spiritual connection.

They are known to help relieve stress and anxiety, clear away negative energy in the work place, at home or at school, and can help us to focus on the task at hand.

Crystals have been used throughout the world to support various types of healing. For example, 

in ancient China as well as in South American cultures, Red Jasper has been used to help kidney ailments.

This class helps you to gain a greater understanding of what various crystals represent, how they work, what they do, how to work with them, and how they benefit us.

You will learn:

• How to clear them

• How the colors correspond with the issues connected to the various energy centers in the body

• What crystals are used to promote healing of heart issues such as sadness, grief, loss, and unforgiveness

• What crystals are known as "drawing crystals" and provide physical relief from aches and pains

• What are amplifers and how do you use them?

• How to put together a group of crystals for a medicine bag.

• The history of various crystals and what they were used for

• How to feel and become sensitive to the energy of crystals

• How to choose crystals that are right for you

A gift of a crystal is given to each guest.

Tues., July 2nd  6:30pm - 8:30pm

​$35 per person

Citrine is known as the Merchant Stone and said to bring good luck and good fortune in business ventures.

Pink and Gray Botswana Agates are placed on the forehead to reduce a fever. 

Bloodstone is said to help purify the blood and clear away toxins, and if placed on a nose bleed can help staunch the blood flow.

Green Aventurine is used to help heal matters of the heart from difficult or broken relationships.

Clear Quartz is used as an amplifier to heighten the vibrations of other crystals. It can also be placed on a blister, such as a sun burn, to help draw out the pain.

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Amethyst is often used to help a loved on pass peacefully and helps relieve the grief and sadness connected to their passing.

Three Guests $105