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​for People, Animals and Planet

Annette Bragg, Founder

White Barn Healing Arts has operated as a
​501c3 non-profit organization since of July 2017!

Support the work of White Barn Healing Arts Center with each purchase you make through Amazon Smile!  Simply click on the icon at left, or choose White Barn Healing Arts are your default charitable organization when shopping with Amazon! Thank you for your support!

Your donation makes  a world of difference to many people, to many animals, and in many unique and creative ways. Our goal is to teach natural and holistic ways of bringing and healing into your life using a spiritual perspective through calming, healing and relaxation methods of Reiki, meditation, reflexology, our Vision Quest program, tai chi/qigong, gentle yoga, reflexology, and more.

Here are examples of how you can choose to support the work of White Barn Healing Arts through your kind and generous donation:


​Sponsor an individual in need to allow them to take part in healing body, mind and spirit
through classes and workshops providing 
Reiki, meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, and other
natural and holistic methods of bringing peace and healing into their lives. These
individuals participating in this program are currently in an 
addiction recovery program,
a Battered Women's Shelter, a trauma survivor, dealing with PTSD,  battling cancer, 
someone who has
 suffered a tremendous trauma, loss or debilitating health issue.  

     $15 provides a meditation session

     $89 provides a personal Reiki session, including  guided meditation, aromatherapy,
​sound therapy, Reiki and work with crystals


Our goals here at White Barn  include spreading kindness and compassion for all living
beings. Over 40 rescued farm animals from situations of abuse, abandonment and neglect
reside in peace, comfort, safety and love here at White Barn Healing Arts, and they
are being incorporated into several interactive programs. One program will allow
participants to visit with the animals as part of their healing and possibly therapy process. 
nother program is the White Barn "First Step" program, where people who have never
had the opportunity to meet or interact with a farm animal will
have a chance to take that
first step in connecting to the animals who share our world in a very 
up-close and personal
way, helping us to change mindsets, gain insight, and broaden our
 perspective of the
​animals that many people simply and only look at as a food source.


​There are many needs at White Barn Healing Arts, and many projects in the works. Special
projects include:
​        - Restoring the white barn to be used as classrooms, workshop areas, the gift shop, the
​restroom facilities,  and more.
​        - Creating a large (on the earth near the tipi) Medicine Wheel
​        - Creating a labyrinth, a walking meditation circle that provides peace and comfort to those
who walk it in meditation
​        -Securing a suitable shelter/shed for some of the newly acquired rescued animals at
White Barn Healing Arts before Winter
​        - Expanding the fencing for the animals by adding additional panels and stakes. 
        - Completing the gravel walkway back to the tipi
​        - Adding additional gravel for a greater parking area

For details on any of these projects, feel free to contact Annette Bragg at

​     White Barn Healing Arts, 5180 Hayes Road, Ravenna, Ohio 44266. Make chec
ks payable to White Barn Healing Arts. Or click on the PayPal Donate Now to make a general donation of your choosing.


- Your contribution is tax deductible as provided for by law.

This enables us to incorporate our services into programs for those in need who 
​would not otherwise be able to afford services, and to provide spiritual support, growth and
​guidance for those healing from trauma, loss, abuse, grief, depression, sadness and 
​dealing with other challenges, difficulties and transitions in life.