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Annette Bragg, Founder

An Experiential Day of Personal and Spiritual Growth.

​​• Spiritual Spa Day is the ideal way to experience a pleasant buffet of holistic and natural methods for wellness, without committing to long sessions, weekly classes or monthly commitments

• Spiritual Spa Day is a full-day experience teaching 11 classes of ​natural and holistic practices
promoting overall health, wellness, and personal and spiritual growth.

​•  Each class provides information and education you can put into practice into your daily life should you be interested in doing so, and each class provides you with a take-home gift connected to the subject matter of that session.

Each class is led by an instructor who was carefully selected to be authentic, knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about the subject of their teaching. And each class is interactive and experiential. You will not sit and simply listen, but can actively participate in learning and experiencing the lesson being taught. 

• This is a unique experience not offered elsewhere in the area.


          - 11 classes @ an average of $35 value per class if each class or experience were to be attended singularly = $385

          -  Lunch/Snacks/Drinks Value = $20
          -  Gifts (given away at each class) average of $12 total per person

          - TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE:  $417

          -  (And in addition to the basic value there will be over $300 in door prizes given away)


​​​​​Incredible Value


          - This event is hosted outdoors, providing guests an

opportunity to enjoy the calm, relaxing environment of nature in

the tranquil energy of a country setting.

          - The location is easy-to-get-to, only a few minutes off

the I-76 Interstate exits of either Rt. 44 or Rt. 14.

          - The instructors are localand their home-base for each

one is within an hour of White Barn Healing Arts Center, making

it easy for guests to follow-up with practices that speak to them

and teachers they connect with.

          - All event guests can experience the opening and closing
ceremonies together, but for the classes each class group will 

​be broken down into smaller groups so that each class is smaller and more personal. 

          - Spiritual Spa Day provides a smorgasbord of

opportunities to learn a wide variety of natural and

holistic practices in one convenient setting, teaching just enough to help you get a basic understanding of each subject, but not so much that the information is overwhelming.

           - Talk about a great opportunity to try something different, and if one class simply doesn't speak to you, you know that in about a half hour you'll be moving on to the next class!​          

           - The event will close at the end of the day with the experience of some beautiful Native American songs and drumming by Mike "Winds Before the Storm" Colescott, an opportunity not normally offered at many events.                                                

                                                                          - Come alone or bring a friend! 

                                                                          It's easy to enjoy the experience with a

                                                                          friend, family member or co-worker, or

                                                                          come along and enjoy the experience

                                                                          meeting new like-minded friends!

 A Fundraiser to Benefit White Barn Healing Arts Center, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

​​​​​Why is Spiritual Spa Day an Incredible Value?

Event Fee: $149     Actual Value: $417

White Barn Healing Arts Center Presents the 2019
Spiritual Spa Day

Sun., June 2nd, 2019  10am to 6pm

​​Promoting Peace and Healing for People, Animals and Planet