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Annette Bragg, Founder

​​​Reward Your Employees, Improve Staff Interactions, 

Support Team Building, and Promote Health and Wellness for Individuals in All Levels of Your Company

To set up a Business or Corporate Group Meditation Experience, call White Barn Healing Arts Center at 330-281-1387 or email Annette Bragg at annettebragg2016@yahoo.com

Q & A's

Q. When can we schedule a group meditation for our business, and how long does the meditation session have to be?

A. Work-place Meditation Sessions can be scheduled at the beginning of the day, the end of the day, during lunch breaks, or any time your staff will be experiencing company transitions and changes. Meditation classes can be a half hour, forty-five minutes or an hour long. You can determine what you feel would work best for your employees.

Q. How many people do we have to have in our group?

A. A group session allows for up to 10 people to attend, but there is a flat fee for any number of guests up to 10 attendees. If there is more than 10, there is a nominal fee for each additional person.

Q. What is the cost of the Beginner Meditation Sessions?

A. There is a $150 flat fee for a group of up to 10 people. For each additional person there is an additional $15 fee. 

Q.  Is the class a one-time thing, is it weekly, or how often do we need to commit to the Meditation Sessions?

A. You are welcome to try an initial class just to see how it goes and if your employees enjoy the experience. We suggest that you try the sessions twice a month on a regular basis to see the many positive results, or if you are having particular difficulties with one department or specific group of staff members, to host Meditation Sessions weekly temporarily. You are always welcome to change the frequency and/or the length of the Meditation Sessions. 

Q. I'd like to talk to someone about the program before we decide to schedule anything. How can I get in touch with a White Barn rep?

A. Give us a call any time at 330-281-1387, or email Annette Bragg at annettebragg2016@yahoo.com.  We will be happy to help you create a custom experience for your employees.

Business or Corporate Group Meditations
For Employees, Managements or Staff Members
at Your Place of Business or at White Barn Healing Arts Center

A regular work-place meditation program helps to create healthy, well-adjusted and well-balanced employees, who in turn reward their employer by:

• taking less days off due to un-wellness

• having a more positive attitude and a healthy work ethic

• showing a spirit of cooperation in group dynamics

• using their creativity in problem-solving

• being a role model and setting a healthy example of going through each day with positivity and an uplifting attitude toward their work

• helping to inspire others in their circle of co-workers