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Annette Bragg, Founder


Annette Bragg gives presentations

on bringing peace and healing into

our lives through meditation,

reflection, changing our perspective,

Reiki, energy work, the use of

crystals and aromatherapy,

veganism, extending our circle of

compassion, and deep relaxation,

inner peace and healing modalities for body, mind and spirit.  She offers a thought-provoking perspective on how we are all connected and how we can bring peace into our lives and into this world including through choices we make as consumers.

As a veteran animal rescue worker, animal advocate, and industry leader, Annette also gives speaking and educational presentations regarding a wide variety of animal welfare topics.

Annette gives special presentations and speaks at fundraisers, special events and for special interest group gatherings both locally and nationally.

Specialty topics and educational presentations include:

     - Inspirational / Motivational:  Inspiring people to achieve success includes discussing the Law of Attraction and letting go of negativity, learning to live in the moment, and redefining the definition of how to achieve success. The presentation takes a look at what it means to be a leader, to live your life to the best of your capabilities, to importance of learning to not only forgive others but to forgive yourself, to acknowledge the past but to not live in it, and how crucial it is to achieve balance in your life.


     - Animal Welfare:Annette has been a guest presenter regarding many industries of animal abuse, and provides education on Factory Farming, Hoarding, Horse Slaughter, Product Testing, Cock Fighting, Fur Trade, Egg Industry, Harvesting Down and Feathers, Genetic Manipulation in the Meat Industry, Yulin Festival, Ivory Trade, Muelsing, Soaring (Equine), Livestock Transportation, Farm Animal Rescue, and many more. These presentations include not only details of the industries, but offer suggestions on how to take steps to stop the abuse and bright light to the situation in a much broader forum.

     - The Link Between Animal Abuse and Other Crimes: This topic explores the crucial link between animal abuse and crimes including domestic violence, child endangering, elder abuse, and crimes connected to animal fighting such as illegal firearms, illegal drugs, underage drinking, and illegal gambling. This presentation discusses the red flags of animal abuse and how it affects the safety of our communities, and includes personal examples of cases Annette was involved with that were connected to other crimes.

​     - Prosecuting Animal Abuse: As a expert witness in many horse and farm animal abuse cases in Ohio, Annette's presentations on Ohio's Laws (Ohio Revised Code) include many case studies of abuse and neglect cases with which she has personally been involved. This presentation includes reviewing Ohio's current animal abuse laws, examining the laws on the books waiting to be voted on; preparing reports for court; documentation for the case; the prosecution process - filing charges, arraignment, pre-trials, trials, sentencing and what sentences can be imposed in Ohio; and the importance of requesting mental health evaluations and follow-up treatments.

    - Non-profit Organizations: With 17 years experience of creating and operating a nationally recognized non-profit farm animal rescue organization, Annette provides education regarding operational challenges, outreach, specialty programs, volunteer programs, fundraising, marketing and promotions. She does offer consulting on an individual basis to non-profits organizations for specific needs of that organization or for specific projects.



Articles regarding animal welfare topics and heartwarming stories of people overcoming life's difficulties and challenges are Annette's specialty. Stories of animal rescue and rehab and stories of people whose lives have been forever changed and enhanced through meditation, ceremony and energy work might just be the perfect touch for your magazine, newsletter or publication.


Annette has the experience and skills to prepare curriculum outlines for adult and college-based courses related to animal welfare topics as well prepare curriculum exploring the connection between animal abuse and mental health issues.

FEES:  Contact Annette to discuss speaking and consulting fees.

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