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Annette Bragg, Founder

Event is held rain or shine!


Presenter: Lisa Marie Whitefeather

Shamanism, the oldest spiritual practice, dates back to 40,000 years ago. Today Shamanism is practiced word wide, and is evolving to suit the needs of our modern world. Journey is a meditative and transformative practice to help bring wisdom, insight and healing energy into your life through a stronger connection to Spirit.  sdfg 

A Fundraiser to Benefit White Barn Healing Arts Center, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

Cindi Gonzalez
Teacher of Native American Studies, Parables and Traditions

Bryan Peters, MH, IAHT

Intuitive Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner,
Accreditation from the Centre of Excellence in Herbalism

​​​Allison Burton

Reiki Practitioner,
Plant-Based Diet and
​Healthy Living Enthusiast

Cindy Roberts
Reiki Master/Teacher

An Experiential Day of Personal and Spiritual Growth.


Presenter: Cindi Roberts

Reiki is an energy healing practice originating in Japan. It is taught at White Barn Healing Arts in the spiritual tradition. In this class, Cindi teaches Reiki visualization practices to start each day on a good note and teaches the 5 basic principles of Reiki to incorporate into daily life.


Presenter: Mary Jane Brigger

If you have ever found yourself not trusting yourself (aka your intuition, your gut instincts, your Higher Power), then this class is for you. Learn to gently shift your mind and energy to powerful thoughts, emotions and actions of personal transformation, freedom and soul awakening. Mary Jane blends ancient spiritual knowledge with modern day lifestyles and belief systems.


• Gates Open at 9:15am

• Opening Ceremonies Begin at 9:45am; Day Ends at 6pm

• Each interactive/experiential presentation is about 30 minutes long, with several minutes between classes.

• Lunch, snacks and beverages are included.

• 11 topics on the schedule and a special Native American drumming and song presentation to close the day

• Presenters/instructors have been carefully hand-selected to be the best-of-the-best in their field or area of expertise.

• Many take-home gifts, give-a-ways and door prizes add incredible value to the event experience.

• Classes are held outdoors in the tipi and tents, allowing us to enjoy and appreciate our connection with nature and the Earth energy

• Classes will be broken down into smaller groups so that each class is more personal and you will get to experience every class presented. Opening and closing ceremonies will be shared with the group as a whole. 

​Jeffrey Zayda, LMT

Owner of Massage and Yoga Healing Arts, Certified Kripalu Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist

Ronelle Halfacre, RYT200
​Certified Yoga Instructor, 
​Certified Chair Yoga Instructor


Presenter: Allison Burton

From dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, and heart disease issues to joint problems, digestive and intestinal disorders, research has proven that choosing a plant-based diet can improve your health on many levels.

​​Mary Jane Brigger
Women's Empowerment Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher,
​Founder of Career Path Success


Presenter: Mike "Winds Before the Storm" Colescott
Many Native songs help us feel more spiritually connected and closer to Creator, providing us with a sense of peace in our lives. Mike ends our day's events with some beautiful Native songs and drumming.


Presenter: Annette Bragg

Many crystals and stones are known for their natural healing energies and can support your specific need. For example, amethyst is known to help lessen grief when dealing with the loss of a loved one; rose quartz is known for healing of the heart after a broken relationship; and red jasper was used in several cultures for healing kidney ailments. Learn to identify the most common crystals, how to clear them and how to use them.

Spiritual Spa Day is a full-day experience hosted at White Barn Healing Arts Center to present 
​natural and holistic practices that promote overall health, wellness, and personal and spiritual growth. 

The presenters are carefully selected to be the best teachers, instructors,
mentors and leaders to help guide and inspire you on your ever-evolving journey. 

Click on the names of any of the teachers listed below to learn more about them and their work!

Scroll down to meet the instructors!

The material and subject matter of Spiritual Space Day is designed for adults age 18 and over. Ages 16 and 17 permitted if accompanied by an adult.

Meet the Instructors

Lisa Marie Whitefeather
Shamanic Practitioner,
Founder of Whitefeather Wisdom


(Native American Culture)

Presenter: Cindi Gonzalez

In Native American teachings it is believed that animals often appear in our lives to provide us with important lessons we need to learn. Sometimes they appear in dreams, other times we seem to suddenly see a particular animal often in a short time period. Learn the meaning of the teachings the animals bring to us.


Presenter: Ronelle Halfacre

Not everyone is designed to twist yourself up into a pretzel. However, you can gain tremendous physical strength, mental calmness, and strengthen your spiritual connection with chair yoga. Chair yoga helps with balance, flexibility and provides the same health benefits as other yoga practices. It's ideal for people dealing with physical limitations, injury or other situations that prohibit you from enjoying more strenuous yoga postures.

Mike Colescott
​"Winds Before the Storm"
Native American (Ojibwe)
​Drumming and Songs


HEALING through
(Chinese and Sanskrit Vibrational Healing)

Presenter: Pampamesayo Jeffrey Zayda

This class is a beautiful blend of Eastern healing arts, rich in the Chinese culture and Sanskrit heritage, presented in a way that only
​Pampamesay Jeffrey Zayda can present!

Class Topics


Presenter: Laura Purnell

Let’s journey together to the heart, the sacred space where we flourish and are at our best. When we live from the heart we honor the magnificence in every human being, including ourselves! Experience reflective practices that deepen our heart connections - to our innate wisdom, compelling dreams, and to our positive qualities such as compassion, patience , humility and generosity. 

Presenter: Melanie Mills
Herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years and have earned their place in the world of healing. This beginner class introduces you to some of the basic herbal remedies and the teas that support good health.

Melanie Mills- Juhasz, LMT, CHt
Reiki Master/Teacher, Owner of Randolph Massage and Wellness Center, Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist

Actual Cost: $149 
(Incredible Value: $417)

​​​At Spiritual Spa Day enjoy relaxing, educational, new experiences while learning ways to incorporate peace, wellness, stress-reduction and overall good health to balance body, mind and spirit, into your daily life. Enjoy an interactive, multi-cultural buffet of
​de-stressing, healing and spiritual practices from a variety of cultures.


Presenter: Annette Bragg
Experience the benefits and healing properties of essential oils and learn how to use them for overall physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health and well-being. For example, a great deal of research has been done to prove Rosemary enhances clarity of thought, a must for Alzheimers patients and students. 

Laura Purnell, Ph. D., ACHT
Educational Alchemist, Reiki Master,
​Spiritual Teacher, Metaphysician

(Multi-Cultural Influences)
Opening and closing ceremonies include a smudging ceremony and cross-cultural practices to renew our sense of path, purpose and gratitude.

Annette Bragg
Reiki Master/Teacher,
Founder of White Barn Healing Arts Center, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

White Barn Healing Arts Center Presents the 2019
Spiritual Spa Day

Sun., June 2nd, 2019  9:45am to 6pm