Sponsorship Levels

Zen Master $500

     Receives two complimentary admissions to the 

Spiritual Spa Day event, a listing in the event program, a listing and link on the White Barn website, and is welcome to provide information to be placed directly in the guest gift bags being handed out at the event. We do respectfully request that any sponsorships are supportive of our mission to promote peace, healing and compassion for all life.

Spirit Animal $300
  Receives a complimentary admission to the Spiritual Spa Day event, a listing in the event program, and a listing and link on the White Barn website. 


Mindfulness $125

     Receives a listing in the event program and a listing and link on the White Barn website. 

Vision Quest $75
     Receives a listing in the event program and a listing on the White Barn website.

Donation of Your Choice

     If you would like to simply show your support of White Barn Healing Arts Center, we welcome you to make a donation of your choice. Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law. 

White Barn Healing Arts Center Presents the 2019
Spiritual Spa Day

Sun., June 2nd, 2019  9:45am to 6pm

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An Experiential Day of Personal and Spiritual Growth.

Your Sponsorship Makes Our Work Possible

Your generous support of the programs and services of White Barn Healing Arts Center make our work and our mission possible.

The Spiritual Spa Day event is a fundraiser for White Barn, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Your sponsorship of this event supports the following projects and programs:

• Creating an outdoor Medicine Wheel for all to use for meditation and silent reflection

• Improving our parking facilities

• Providing take-home educational materials for classes and workshops through covering printing costs

• Supplying take-home gifts for classes and workshops

• Stocking merchandise in the store (for each $1 donated to store merchandise, we can double, triple, or multiply even higher your donation through mark-ups and sales.)

• Physical upkeep and care of the tipi, including necessary supplies

• The purchase of tents to replace the need for tent rentals

• Supporting our technology, such as costs associated with our website, domain names, design programs, mass email programs, etc.

• Promotions, supplies and necessities for classes and programs including meditation, addiction support, veterans programs, children's programs, women's programs, grief and healing sessions, support groups, and others.



Sponsorship Opportunities

To show your support of the many programs and services of
ite Barn Healing Arts Center, please consider becoming an event sponsor.

• Sponsors may be individuals, families, businesses, special interest groups or organizations.

• You may choose one of the sponsorship levels listed or make a donation of your choosing. Your donation is tax-deductible as provided for by law.

​​Promoting Peace and Healing for People, Animals and Planet

• Personal Reiki Sessions and Reiki Workshops

• Guided Meditation • Vision Quests • Yoga

• Tai Chi/Qigong • Special Events
• Private Groups 
• Corporate Groups

• Crystal Workshops • Gift Shop

• Public Speaking • Promoting Compassion
​for People, Animals and Planet

A Fundraiser to Benefit White Barn Healing Arts Center, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

Annette Bragg, Founder