Friend and volunteer, Cindy Dilley (right), helped unload all 20 of the poles when the semi arrived.

White Barn's Tipi
​Holds 28 People!


Beginning in May, many workshops, clinics, events,

Vision Quests, Reiki classes, and more will be

held in the tipi unless indicated or in the event of

stormy weather. The tipi poles are 27' tall, with

the tipi flooring being 22' across. It is designed

to hold up to 28 people sitting comfortably for meditation, classes or workshops.


​The tipi is taken down in October and it rests for the winter months. All classes and workshops for the winter months will be held indoors in the Meditation/Reiki room in the house. The tipi will be put up once again in the Spring in time for May workshops, classes and the Vision Quest series.


The sacred tipi was constructed to be used for Reiki and meditation workshops, Vision Quests, sacred ceremony, crystal classes, energy-healing sessions and other sacred practices or gatherings. It is not intended as a "camping" facility so it is not set-up to accommodate overnight stays or camping of any type.

As we begin our journey of sharing the use of the tipi, anyone connected with White Barn Healing Arts such as Reiki students/practitioners, people who attend the Sacred Circle Meditation or Vision Quest series, Reiki clients, those who have attended crystal workshops, and presenters for our events, are welcome to sign up to reserve the tipi for their own personal use.

The tipi may be reserved for:

- Personal Meditation

- Group Meditation

- Reiki sessions for Reiki Practitioners and your own Reiki clients

- Quiet/clear time of solitude and reflection

FOR MEDITATION:  The tipi will be set up for you complete with sage, incense, candles, a CD player and meditation music (or you can bring  your own), and comfortable seating with floor pillows and also chairs for those unable to sit comfortably on the ground.

FOR REIKI SESSIONS:  The tipi will be set up for you with one or two Reiki tables as requested, sage, incense, a cd player with relaxation music (or you can bring your own), crystals for use during your session, and Essential Oils for aromatherapy.

Contact Annette for times and cost -


The tipi was purchased from Nomadic Tipi Makers from Bend, Oregon. This is the  company that created all the tipis used in the movie "Dances with Wolves".  Their tipis are based on the basic Sioux design explained in the Laubin's book, The Indian Tipi, and incorporates the Blackfoot lift pole flap and the Cheyenne extensions on the smoke flap. The floor of the tipi is egg-shaped, and tilts to the back rather than be a perfectly symmetrical cone. You can learn more about the company at  They do amazing work and also support many Native American causes.


In January 2017, we ordered a 22' tipi from Nomadic Tipi  Makers located in  Bend, Oregon. It arrived in several boxes, and we couldn't wait to put it up and welcome guests to join us for meditations, Reiki sessions, workshops, Vision Quests and more in the new, sacred circle and amazing energy of the tipi.

Spring weather was less than cooperative, and with the rain-soaked ground dampening our excitement, we finally did make progress.

Though I rented a Bobcat with tracks on Friday, April 7th, to smooth out the ground where the tipi would reside (at least for this year), the wet snowfall of the previous day did nothing to help matters and the Bobcat struggled to move the thick mud. The tipi area was at least marked off, and the top layer of grass was removed. It was somewhat smoothed out but not exactly perfect. It definitely would need drying out and another go-over.

The following weekend, Kevin was able to smooth the ground much better with our tractor, and the process began to come together!

After the ground was smoothed out, we raked it by hand so it would be as level as possible. The next thing to do was to put down a tarp to keep the gravel from sinking down into the dirt. On top of the tarp went a layer of #57 gravel, and on top of that, a layer of skreet (a very finely crushed stone the consistency of kitty litter). That we raked by hand also.

It was then we began to tie the three tripod poles together, and with a long rope, we raised the three main poles. One at a time, we placed the other poles in sequence until they were all evenly spaced, and tied those together.

After the poles, the last pole with the outer canvas attached was raised, and the covering was draped over the poles and pulled tight. We then laced up the front, and staked down the canvas.

Next was to put in the PVS flooring.

We then installed the door, the inner lining, and got the smoke flaps to work with two additional poles. We began to paint a basic

design on the tipi base, representing the

beautiful mountains of Sedona.

         I hope you can join us and e
the wonderful energy
         of the new
 tipi "workshop and

Kevin did an amazing job of putting together the tipi, and placing the 3-storey poles into place.

The fire pit in the center of the tipi is great for warmth, atmosphere and ceremony.

The setting provides solitude and safety while still being near conveniences and in an easy-to-access area.

The lone stick stuck in the ground marked the center of where the tipi would be placed.

Annette Bragg, Founder

On Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, we held the first session in the tipi, a Vistion Quest. We welcomed a group of ten people,

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