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​for People, Animals and Planet

Annette Bragg, Founder

• Finding Inner Strength and Courage
• Rising Above the Storms on Our Path
• Changing our Perspective on Life
• Discovering Tenacity, Respect, and Staying Power
• Broadening Our View of the World
• Our Dual Existence — Balancing Our Spiritual and Physical Being
​• Increasing our Insight, Awareness and Intuition

      - Fri., June 14th  6:30pm to 9pm

• Replacing Old Thought Processes that No Longer Serve You
• Releasing Addictive Behaviors and Old Habits
• Facing Fears, Taking Risks
• Cleansing, Rejuvenation
• Creating a Healthy Balance in Our Lives
• Awakening the Spirit of Fire that Dwells Within You

- Thurs., June 27th  6:30pm to 9pm 

• The Wisdom of the 4 Winds
• Working with the Medicine Wheel to heal all areas of our lives
• Applying the healing energies of the Medicine Wheel through understanding how they represent:

     - the four stages of our life from birth through death
     - the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual part of our journey
     - the plants, the animal teachings, the colors
     - Sat., July 13th 6:30pm to 9pm 

• Dealing with Transitions, Transformations and Change
• Dealing with times of transition, transformation and change in our life
​• Acknowledging readiness to change old behavior patterns in order to live the life you want and deserve
​• Learning to trust the process and trust that the Universe will provide for your needs
• Releasing old, limiting belief systems
​• Learning to enjoy the journey - not just living for the end result
​• Facing life's challenges and unexpected twists and turns with grace, confidence and trust
​• Transforming spiritually; being ready to welcome new thought patterns that will support and nurture our spiritualal growth

     - Sat., July 27th  6:30pm to 9pm


​• Acknowledging and tapping into ancient wisdom, and honoring and strengthening our connection with the ancestors as we become the elder through life's difficulties and challenges. 
• We begin to grow into our role of serving others as leaders, mentors and teachers.

     - Fri., August 2nd  6:30pm to 9pm


• The Strength of Wounded Healers
​• Removing Ego
• Releasing the Notion of Having to Please Everyone
• Turning Painful Experiences into Healing for Others

• Making Wise Choices

• Finding Balance
     - Fri., August 16th  6:30pm to 9pm


• Great quest to strengthen those who have been bullied or made to feel inadequate
• Learning to love yourself and appreciate your uniqueness
• Gaining confidence and a new sense of self-worth and self-esteem

• Letting go of feeling less-than

• Realizing who you are
​• Creating a greater spiritual connection

• Connecting with your Spirit Guides
   - Sat., Sept. 7th  6:30pm to 9pm

"You were born to change the world, not just all to the noise."  The Glass Castle

• The Physical Health Connection to the Mind and Spirit

      While most people think of a VISION QUEST as an exercise in personal and spiritual growth, which it is, we don't want to discount the benefits a VISION QUEST will have on our physical well-being too.

      Mental and emotional trauma can often manifest in physical ways, taking their toll on our physical bodies.

​      For example, many younger people working in high-stress corporate careers are experiencing stress-related strokes and heart attacks. Stress and anxiety can result in digestive issues, high blood pressure, migraines, and a host of other physical illnesses. The same can be true for other undiagnosed or unexplained illnesses. 
     Just as stress, anxiety and worry can have this catastrophic affect on our physical health, other negative emotions such as anger, frustration, unforgiveness, fear, sadness, grief, bitterness, resentment and jealousy can wreak havock as well.

    Studies and research has been done addressing the link between women who have experienced violence or sexual abuse as a child and the adult manifestation of fibermyalga. 

      Being able to release our mental and emotional link to past trauma and painful events in our lives is often the key to living a healthy and balanced life from a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual perspective. 
      VISION QUEST can support you on this journey of becoming healthy and whole on all levels of being.

The White Barn VISION QUEST series respectfully weaves the old with the new in a unique blend of guidance and direction designed to enlighten your life's path.

This series is created for the modern-day person who does not have the time, access, safety measures or financial support to commit to a traditional three-or-more consecutive days solitary Vision Quest. It is
​held in the tipi at White Barn Healing Arts Center and while providing an authentic and sacred a
tmosphere, also providing modern conveniences such as being conveniently located, access to restrooms, a safe environment, and close to town while far enough away to experience the peacefulness of the country.

The VISION QUEST summer program is designed for adults. Must be at least 18 years old to participate. 16 and 17 year olds are welcomed if accompanied by an adult.


CAUTION NOTE:  The Vision Quest Series and other presentations such as Reiki workshops, meditations, summer solstice, and other events and ceremonies include the use and burning of sage, incense, cedar, tobacco, sweet grass, palo santo, and more. A fire is always present in the fire ring of the tipi. The smoke from these items is considered sacred in many cultural ceremonies, and our activities often incorporate many cultural traditions. If you have sensitivities to smoke or smells, please take this into consideration when registering for activities at White Barn Healing Arts Center.

Though you may have a career, a family, and personal goals, have you ever wondered what your true purpose is here on this Earth, and if you are on the right path?

Do you ever wonder what lies ahead and what you are supposed to actually be doing with your life? Or what sort of difference are you supposed to make in this world?

A Vision Quest is a search for our path and purpose in one's own life, and an opportunity to find clarity, inspiration, reassurance, and guidance as you go within to be open to wise counsel, guidance and direction from your Higher Power.

Often in order for us to move forward in life, we may need to:

​- Acknowledge and release our past

​- Provide forgiveness, not only for others, but for ourselves

​- Replace negativity such as anger, stress, frustration and fear with positivity such as acceptance, love, calmness, balance, harmony and happiness

​- Learn to be open to new ideas, new thought patterns and new paths

​- Strengthen our connection to our Higher Power

​- Embrace the Law of Attraction and tune our thoughts and attention to a more positive channel

• Personal and Spiritual Growth

Each White Barn VISION QUEST series is very powerful in providing the experiences needed to:

      - stop living in the past, worrying about the future, and appreciating and living mindfully in the present
     -  acknowledge and release that which holds you back from living the best life possible
     - increase our sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem
     - not only survive trauma, challenges and difficulties, but to thrive and prosper

     - enjoy life without feeling you have to live your life to please others

     - remove self-imposed restrictions

     - grow from the lessons we've learned as they give us greater wisdom and teach us to become the elder

     - bless our past, learn from it, and move forward 

​     - live each day with a greater level of peace, harmony and tranquility
     - Trust that the Universe is providing for your needs and that everything in your life is unfolding in a way that benefits our highest and best good
​    - discover your path and purpose


program is held in the peaceful and healing energy of the tipi at White Barn Healing Arts Center.

As a Seeker,
What Do You Seek on Your Quest?

• To be free from pain and hurt of the past?

• To learn to live with confidence, self-worth and love of self?

• To discover your path and purpose?

• To release burdens or thought processes that no longer serve you?

• To learn to identify where you live each day - do you live your life constantly remembering the past, planning and worrying about the future, or enjoying and appreciating the gift of the present moment?

• To gain and welcome the wisdom of the ancients, the ancestors and the elders?

• To learn to find the lessons in every leaf, every rock, every animal, every situation, every unkind person, every frustration, and every challenge?

• To learn to welcome and embrace change, transition and transience?

• To understand the beauty in the imperfection of your life, llike the cracks of a vase that can be filled with gold, to bring out the true beauty of your journey?

• To enhance your intuition, trusting your gut, and knowing that youare indeed Divinely guided? 

The White Barn VISION QUEST series is a program designed to support your personal and spiritual growth, with the added bonus of possibly
improving your physical health as well.

​VISION QUEST is a masterful blend of
traditional and modern ceremony, interwoven with meditation, teaching through parables, changing our thought patterns, working with positive affirmations, aromatherapy, a sacred fire circle, working with crystals, drumming and self-reflection.

White Barn VISION QUEST series is rich in meaning and symbolism and based in a wide variety of cultures.

​​Promoting Peace and Healing for People, Animals and Planet