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Annette Bragg, Founder

"Releasing Burdens"is the

theme for the April combination

painting and guided meditation class.

The healing that takes place in our

lives when we choose to identify,

acknowledge and understand the

importance or releasing things that

hold us back from living our lives

with calmness and peace can be

very freeing and enlightening. Many

people find themselves carrying burdens that connect us to past challenges and difficulties or fears and anxieties that keep us always focused on the future, with both situations stealing our joy in the present moment. 

This class helps us to take a healing step in releasing that which no longer serves our highest and best good, and brings a new optimism, a new hope, and a new sense of peace.

​​Creative Spirit sessions combine art and painting with water color and learning life's lessons.

Not to worry  —  you don't have to have any creative talent or special painting skills to participate. 

• Fri., April 12th  —  Water Color Meditation  
                                  April Theme "Releasing Burdens"

Learning the Art of Meditation through Painting with Water Colors

7pm to 8:30pm   $35

No art skills needed!

"The Art  of Meditation" is an combination of meditation and a relaxing and enjoyable art experience through working with water colors.  Enjoy a unique combination of aromatherapy, sound therapy, guided visualization, and the creative outlet of playing with water colors.

Creative Spirit Painting Experiences

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Pre-registration is required. Registration for all workshops close at 6pm on the day before of the event.

​These classes appropriate for adults age 18 and over. 

"Releasing Burdens"
​Water Color Meditation
April 12th Registration Form 

Annette Bragg, Reiki Master/Teacher, has
a background in fine art and graphic

design, having graduated from The

University of Akron with a Bachelor of

Fine Arts with minors in Illustration and

Drawing, and an Associate Degree in

Commercial Art. She founded Krasovic

Advertising Agency and ran the successful

graphics company for 11 years, fine tuning

her expertise in both graphics and fine arts. 

Annette enjoys combing her love of art with her love of meditation, energy work, and strengthening intuition, and is presenting this new program this year called "Creative Spirit Painting Experiences".  It is designed to help bring a new level of peace and healing to people who enjoy creativity in a new, unrestricted way.

Learn life lessons, experience a new level of peace and calmness, and discover something about yourself through the guided art meditations, learn to trust your intuition through blindfolded meditations, and change your thought patterns through the Art of Wabi-Sabi.

Treat yourself to this time alone or bring a friend for the experience!

"The Art of Meditation"
with Water Colors​ Series
Explores the Unique Experience Combining Meditation with Painting

$35 per class