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​for People, Animals and Planet

Annette Bragg, Founder

White Barn Healing Arts is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. 

Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

​Monetary donations made be made:

- By clicking on the DONATE button on the right using PayPal or a Credit Card

​- By sending a check or money order to White Barn Healing Arts, 5180 Hayes Road, Ravenna, Ohio 44266

​Donations of supplies may be dropped off at the White Barn Facility by calling 330-281-1387 to make an appointment.

White Barn Healing Arts Center offers, when possible, a sliding-fee scale or pro-bono services for those in need or unable to afford the minimal fees applied to programs and services. Your generous donations make it possible for us to provide healing programs for those who may find the cost a challenge. Our programs and services provide support people who experience mental/physical/sexual abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, injury, illness, loss, grief, life transitions and challenges, and much more. 

Donations support our many services and programs to bring peace and healing into the lives of people, to promote care for our environment, and to extend kindness and compassion through our animal rescue efforts.  People, animals and planet — we are all connected!


• Candles (soy based or vegan) and lighters (which are used for nearly all classes
​          i
ncluding meditations, Reiki, Vision Quests, and more)

• Sponsors for those experiencing tragedy, transition or loss  (any amount may be applied
             toward an individual's participation in our Addiction Support Program, Grief Sessions,
             Reiki for healing from PTSD, trauma, or abuse, or meditation classes for those learning

             to cope with anxieties, fears, anger, forgiveness, loss, sadness, death and grief. 

• Blankets, Pillows or Small Rugs  for use in the tipi and Reiki room. It's a plus if they have patterns or                    motifs from Native American, Eastern Indian, Japanese or Chinese cultures.​​


​• Recycled cups, plates and napkins for events

• Trash bags of any size


• Blankets, Towels, Sheets  (for pot belly pigs in their Winter shelter, for animals
during transport or for those kep
t in crates or confined during recovery from injury
​or illness)

• Gift certificates for:

      - Local feed and grain supply (Pettigrews Feed in Edinburg 330-325-1500)

​      - TSC Tractor Supply Company (animal shelter needs and fencing repairs)

• Snacks including:

​      - Produce such as carrots, apples, grapes, bananas, strawberries,
​        pu
mpkins (all great for hiding animal medications)

​      - Ginger Snap Cookies (most are vegan and ginger is great for upset stomachs)

​      - Canned pumpkin (great for hiding pills for smaller rescued animals)

• Hay (or contributions toward hay - we purchase hay at $3.00 per bale and go through approximately 2                bales per day)

• Sawdust  Bagged sawdust or shavings is used for bedding for the cows and horses. Three bags will fill one stall and keep it clean for the week. Bags are approximately $6 per bag.

WISH LIST (SPECIAL PROJECTS - sponsor all or in part)

Folding Tables for our Special Events - four 8' white folding tables @ $65 each

Tents - Extra large tents to use for outdoor activities such as Tai Chi/Qigong classes   

       and special events such as Summer Solstice - $350 includes heavy duty includes 

       optional sides

Gravel to complete a walkway to the tipi - $450 includes the ground tarp to keep the

          gravel from sinking into the dirt

Labrynth - $775

​        A walking meditation path based in the Buddhist tradition would provide a peaceful place

        for guests to experience the inner tranquility of a walking meditation. The cost would

​        include the ground tarp to deter weeds, the fine gravel for ease of walking, the plants to 

​        complete the path, and a bench in the center 

​Medicine Wheel - $850

​        The four quarters of the medicine wheel and what they represent will provide a calm 

​        and serene place to sit quietly for meditation. The medicine wheel colors will be 

​        represented by colors of mulch, gravel, floral, and colored bits of recycled rubber. To 

​        includes benches in each of the four directions would add another $127 for each bench.