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Annette Bragg, Founder

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Intermediate Level

Annette Bragg, Reiki Master/Teacher, teaches Reiki in the traditional spiritual sense in the lineage of Mikao Usui and also includes Multi-Cultural Energy Healing with her Reiki workshops. Annette teaches in her unique style of combining practicality, meditation and spirituality. She introduces other energy healing modalities that compliment Reiki, as well as including teaching students to work with Earth energy. 

Annette offers introductory Reiki and Multi-Cultural Energy Healing workshops for those who are interested in learning ways to bring peace and healing into their own lives as well as the lives of others. Since Reiki and Energy Healing

can be applied to pets, plants, situations, events, travel, your environment, and worked with in so many instances, there is an unlimited use for applying Reiki and Energy Work in your life. Advanced workshops are also offered for those already certified as Reiki I and/or Reiki II Practitioners and are interested in continuing Reiki  and Energy education on the Reiki Master and/or Reiki Master Teacher levels.

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Reiki Master Workshops

Q. What is the Reiki Master Level?
A.  At Reiki Level I you learn physical hands-on healing and it's the first step in acquiring an awareness of the spiritual work that goes along with the energy healing practice taught at Level I.  
     At Reiki Level II you receive the distance symbol and the symbol for mental/emotional work, thus beginning to balance mind and body, the coming together of the physical self and the mental self, and continue to reach a little deeper into self while increasing your spiritual connection and your understanding of the role Reiki and healing play in daily life.
    Becoming a Reiki Master is a serious step. You should choose this path through the Divine guidance of quiet meditation, self-reflection and a knowing that Reiki is in harmony with your life's path and purpose.  At the Master's Level you receive additional symbols for connecting to and healing of Spirit, now intertwining the balance and harmony needed for the well being of body, mind and spirit. And the Master's Level goes deeper into the spiritual realm, really emphasizing the application of Reiki in every aspect of life and stresses living your life as a role model that embraces the 5 Reiki Principles or ethical standards.  It is here we really work on self improvement on all levels and learn to be the elder, the one who shares your knowledge and gifts with others.


    There are two distinct avenues of a Reiki Master Class.  The Reiki Master Practitioner class is exactly that — the students become certified as a Reiki Master Level Practitioner.  Another aspect and usually offered as a separate class is the Reiki Master Level Teacher, for those wanting to go on to teach Reiki to others and become an instructor. When combined together, these are normally three-day intensive courses that cost $500 to $900. 
    I have decided to offer a choice, where students may take the basic Reiki Master Practitioner class, but if you want to learn to teach, you can also then add on the Reiki Master Teacher portion of the class as well. 
    In this way, many people who have no interest in teaching or becoming an instructor may opt to take just the Reiki Master Practitioner workshop, while those interested in teaching can add-on Part 2 of the Reiki Master workshop and learn to be a Reiki Master Teacher as well.

    I am going to teach the Master's Level in my usual style of including way more than is normally taught at many Reiki workshops. To choose to learn at the Reiki Master Level is to believe in yourself and to put into practice healing in every area of your own life as you continue on your spiritual journey of growth and development. 
    Since many physical and mental/emotional challenges and illnesses come from energy blocks due to things like unforgiveness, anger, frustration, tension, anxiety, fear, old and/or limiting belief systems, things that were taught to us a children, trauma in our past, hurt in our hearts, I teach in great depth in the Master's Class the meaning of each of the energy centers in the body and where we store these things and how to clear them. It's important to truly know and understand what each chakra represents when helping others (or yourself) heal from physical injuries or illness, emotional pain or mental anguish. 
    In the Reiki Master Level Practitioner you receive the Master Level symbols, go more in depth with energy healing and your connection to Spirit, work on our ourselves and applying Reiki in our own lives on a higher level, and take this step for further self-discovery and a greater spiritual awareness. We learn these things through ceremony, interactive exercises, meditations, self-reflections, group dynamics, listening and quiet contemplation.
    You will be attuned at this level and certified through this workshop as a Reiki Master Practitioner.

    If you choose to attend the Reiki Master Level Teacher portion of the class, you will learn how to give attunements and pass the gift of Reiki and the symbols on to others. This class is also interactive and very hands-on. You learn to teach others and help them understand the depth of energy work and
the healing that can take place.  Learn what is taught at each level of Reiki, how to support students after and in between sessions, what it means to take on the role and responsibility of a teacher, how to make your Reiki classes fulfilling and unique, and so much more.  To become a teacher is to become a spiritual leader, a role model, and you have the opportunity to spread peace and healing into the world through many, many people.  To become a teacher is to become a mentor, a confidant, a support system, a leader, an inspirational figure in that student's life. If you plan to teach and provide spiritual guidance and mentorship for others, than this is the Reiki Master Teacher class for you.

• The Reiki Master Practitioner Class will be a full day class, 9:30am to 4:30pm, with a cost of $250. All workshops always include class materials and follow-up information. 
• When you sign up for the Reiki Master Practitioner Class, you may wish to add on the Reiki Master Teacher class for only an additional $75. The Teacher's class will be a shorter class, a 11:00am to 3:00pm and will be held the following day.

Reiki can be applied to your pets and the animals in your life. (Below, Annette gives Reiki to Jim, a rescued Amish draft horse with advanced nasal cancer. Reiki can provide peace and calmness for an animal, or person, who is preparing to cross into the world of the Spirit.)


• Reiki II Plus and Multi-Cultural Energy Healing Workshop Intermediate Level(provides Reiki II Practitioner Certification)
Sat., March 30th  9:30am to 5pm

Instructor: Rev. Annette Bragg, Reiki Master/Teacher
You must be able to show certification for Reiki I before attending Reiki II. 

$225 per person (includes a light lunch, all class
​materials, take-home gifts, study guides and notebooks)

Pre-registration required due to limited class size. Registration form below.

Reiki II Plus Workshop 

The Reiki II workshops teach two major types of healing: mental/emotional healing and also distance healing when working with both animals and people. Reiki I focused on physical and hands-one healing and served as an introduction to energy and healing work.

In Reiki II you will develop the knowledge, skill and confidence necessary to perform distance healing and build upon the teachings of Reiki I, and become a certified Reiki II Practitioner.

In Reiki II regarding distance work, we acknowledge that healing may be needed in some situations but we may not be able to physically touch the person or animal in need. Here are a few examples of when you can use distance Reiki for support:: a wild animal may have been injured or hit by a car and it’s not safe to approach them; a person may have been involved in some type of accident and

you can’t reach them safely or authorities are not allowing you to be near the scene of the accident; your pet may be in surgery; you’re working with a burn victim or someone who is contagious; a

friend in another city or state has an

emergency or a loved one may be in a

hospital located far away. All these

situations and many more may prevent

you from providing hands-on healing for

people or animals.

In Reiki II, you receive the distance

healing symbol through the attunement

and learn to work (and practice) with

various forms of visualization in healing

across time, distance and space.

In Reiki II, you will also learn how to use the mental/emotional symbol and receive

this symbol through the attunement. Reiki II delves into healing not only the physical health issues, but illustrates how

we often need to go past the physical health

needs and reach the mental/emotional

centers in order for true and core healing to begin.

Learning to work with advanced energy

healing techniques is quite life-changing,

and opens new paths, opportunities and

advancement in your own personal spiritual

growth. It is truly a healing modality that

allows us to incorporate healing energy

into our lives and the lives of others on a

constant and continual basis.   

In Reiki II you will also receive additional information sheets to add to your Reiki I workbook. Light lunch and beverages are provided for attendees.


The material and subject matter of the Reiki and Energy Healing Workshops are designed for adults age 18 and over.

Congratulations to the now-certified Reiki I Practitioners who completed the Reiki I Workshop on Saturday, April 21st, 2018. (left to right) Julie Ann Ritton, Tangi Savage, and Suzanne Dougherty, with Reiki Master Teacher, Annette Bragg. May their light shine brightly to bring peace, comfort and healing to all those who enter their lives. 

Reiki I Plus Workshop

The Reiki I workshops are perfect for those seeking to re-energize themselves, their loved ones, and their pets, in addition to bringing a new level of peace, healing to the body, mind and spirit and bringing balance and harmony into daily life. In this workshop you will learn:

· What is Reiki
· History of Reiki
· How Reiki heals
· How Reiki can be used and applied in every day life
· The different levels of Reiki
· How the attunement process works
· Self-treatment with Reiki
· How to give a Reiki treatment to another person
· Reiki hand positions

- What and where are the 7 chakras
· How to feel and work with Reiki energy and human

   energy fields
· Hands-on practice both giving and receiving Reiki

- Chair Reiki and table Reiki
- Giving Reiki to animals
· Animal chakras and animal energy fields
· Receive an attunement for Reiki Level I

- Receive and learn the cho ku rei healing symbol

- Receive a certification as a Reiki Level I Practitioner through Reiki Master/Teacher, 

     Annette Bragg

​- Receive your own personalized workbook and receive a crystal as a gift

​* Light lunch and beverages are provided